Unique Garden Art for Entertaining

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The LEDGE Capri

“I have always had a passion for gardening and entertaining and I found a unique way to blend the two,” says Duncan. “We often host dinners at our home and I wanted to create a sort of ‘partygoer’s paradise,’ where our guests could relax next to beautiful pots full of lush plants in our patio sitting areas.”

If you love outdoor entertaining, you will love “The LEDGE” – a beautifully handcrafted, wrought iron table that easily attaches to pots, urns and even wine barrels. It’s the perfect pairing of function and beauty!

The LEDGE is the progressive dinner, wine tasting and outdoor entertaining creation of Fresno, California resident Sharon Duncan.

“I noticed during gatherings that people were holding their wine glasses and struggling to balance their appetizer plates, and that the need for more table space was apparent. I got tired of renting pub tables, cloths and centerpieces, then I realized I could make use of the beautiful pots I had on my patio, so I created The LEDGE! Now I can enjoy my morning coffee on the patio or host a dinner party, and The LEDGE is always in place. It is the most beautiful end table I’ve ever had and I can’t do without it!”

The LEDGE has excellent appeal because it’s as functional as it is versatile. It’s available in three styles and can be used casually or made up to be chic and elegant. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, relaxing in your garden or entertaining on a larger scale, The LEDGE is a natural fit with your outdoor ambiance.